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Along with the other artisans in their workshop, Deni and Zzabi create these pieces with a  vision that people use them, take them for a picnic, and be a kitchen basic.  These pieces are great gifts and everyone loves the playfulness they project and the memories they evoke of days gone by.  We love the interplay of modern design and the functionality of these quotidian forms and know you will too! 

Enamelware has a special place in my heart.  I also have enjoyed collecting pieces from various places, my favorite being a black and white roasting pan I found at a yard sale in Long Beach, CA.  Malte Peltre products take me back to camping with my family and my father’s black speckled enamel coffee pot. I would watch him make “Cowboy Coffee” on the campfire by pouring the loose grounds straight into the boiling pot.  I never got the hang of avoiding the grounds, but I still like the feeling of holding the hot metal cup.  

Malte Peltre’s expresso cup is the best!...and works for sipping your Mezcal too!

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